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  • Lois Ehlert was born and still lives in Wisconsin.
  • Both of Lois Ehlerts parents were artistic; her mother was a seamstress and her father was a woodworker.
  • Lois Ehlert still has the small folding table her dad made for her art projects when she was a child. It is currently on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
  • Before becoming an author, Lois Ehert worked as an art teacher, a free-lance illustrator, and designer.
  • In addition to writing and illustrating books, Lois Ehlert has produced children's clothing, toys, banners, games, posters, brochures and banners.
  • Lois Ehlert attended the University of Wisconson, Milwaukee, and the Layton School of Art.
  • The art technique Lois Ehlert uses most in her illustrations is collage.
  • In 1990, Lois Ehlert received a Caldecott Honor Medal for the die-cut book, COLOR ZOO. This was the first time an engineered book was recognized by the Caldecott committee.


Author quote


"I think being creative is a part of a person's makeup. It's something I feel very lucky about. I've worked hard to make this gift as fine as I can make it, but I still think that I was born with certain ideas and feelings just waiting to burst out!"


Go to for transcripts of an interview with Lois Ehlert.


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Author Study: Lois Ehlert